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May 07 2013

of fists and fathers.

It’s an unfortunately familiar scene in my classroom – one of my students raising their hand, fist balled, ready to land a punch in a dispute over a cup of crayons or the last available tricycle.  When you’re caught in a classroom that bounces back and forth between two distinct languages and it’s your first time interacting with 21 other children who are the same age, have the same needs, and want the same toys it can be understandably difficult to remember to ‘use your words’ each and every time that someone makes you upset.  It’s part of why this year for me has become so much more about socioemotional development as opposed to rote memorization of letter sounds or numbers; my kids can’t be functioning students if they don’t have basic impulse control.  Kindergarten preparedness has become a lot more about developing each unique person and his or her…

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Feb 05 2013

Manning Up

There is something inherently emasculating about revealing oneself as a preschool teacher in conversation with strangers.  It’s always an interesting social experiment, however, and I usually take one of three routes: simply state that I teach pre-K, go vague and say that I work with younger elementary students, or drop the TFA bomb and let…

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Jun 26 2012

one thing’s certain: I am here.

Applying to Teach For America was easy.  I’m not saying getting in was simple, and I’m definitely not saying that the extensive amount of work required throughout the application process was a walk in the park — what was easy was determining that this organization, this cause, was aligned entirely with the vision I had…

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